Kelby Ergo Design brings the efficiency & ergonomic advantages to today's workplace

Kelby Ergo Design is a full service workplace process improvement, efficiency and ergonomics consulting firm based in the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We deliver real-world solutions that impact the quality, safety and productivity in the environments where people work. KED believes that people are what make productivity happen for business.

Ergonomic & efficient process design is much more than a comfortable chair and workstation. It is designing the processes and entire space to make sure the workflow is streamlined, wasteful processes are eliminated and the environment is safe for those within the space. We make sure the processes, systems and equipment fit the work flow, tasks and the persons who perform them.

We focus on the issues at hand. However, we don’t just look at and treat the symptoms; we drill down and find the root cause. By combining lean, ergonomics, six sigma and systems thinking, KED finds solutions that benefit the bottom line--increase productivity and efficiency while minimizing the hazards that lead to injury. We call this the Do More With L.E.S.S. Approach™. In the end, our goal is optimize human performance and business performance.